The Art of Hoppiness

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Have a great time with craft brews and painting!

Who doesn't love a solid IPA? Who doesn't love to do something creative? That's what we provide at The Art of Hoppiness- a great time creating some fantastic artwork all while enjoying fantastic craft beer and bonding with fantastic people.  It doesn't matter if you are a tap house looking to spice up your pint nights or just a group of friends partying at home, The Art of Hoppiness brings the entertainment to you. If you are in the greater Eastern Idaho or surrounding areas and are interested in hosting an event, just send us a message.  We provide all the materials and step by step instructions you will need to produce your very own masterpiece! 



"To alcohol! The cause of – and solution to – all of life’s problems."

— Homer Simpson


“Good people drink good beer.”

- Hunter S. Thompson


Need a custom painting or idea for your next fundraiser?

Not only does The Art of Hoppiness have a great gallery full of paintings to choose from, but we can also customize a painting for you! Just let us know at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled event and we can come up with a personalized painting that can incorporate whatever you would like, such as a company logo or favorite sports team colors.  The Art of Hoppiness can make your event a fun team building activity!

At The Art of Hoppiness, we take a lot of pride in being proactive members of the community and offer fundraising services where we donate a portion of each painting to a worthy cause of your choice.  It really is a great way to come together and have fun while giving something back.